Fully Equipped Furniture Storage Facilities in Dubai


There are instances in our lives when we have to undertake big decisions and relocate, such as important job opportunities abroad, or an absolutely necessary change in scenery.

Big moves like these often require an inordinate amount of packing, labelling, inventory checking, and unpacking. In cases like this, one of the more difficult things to decision to keep or get rid of furniture and other large belongings you will not be able to take with you on the move. If you want to keep belongings you won’t be able to bring to your new home, you can always choose to have them stored in a rented storage space. If you are looking for furniture storage facilities in Dubai, you can count on one of the leading storage companies in the UAE today – Partner Movers.

What are the advantages of storage companies?

As one of the most well-established storage companies in the region, Partner Movers has the industry experience and the technical expertise to help you choose the best storage space to fit your needs. Having served local customers for many years, we have a firm understanding of the particular needs of the market. That is how we are able to offer and provide services that deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction, at the convenience of the client, at highly competitive prices.

Our recognition as one of the best storage companies comes from a long history of success with customers. Partner Movers have a variety of furniture storage facilities to meet any storage space needs.

If you need a personal storage space to fill with stuff you will be leaving behind as you go on a long vacation, we can provide for you. Our facilities afford you the convenience to set aside the decision of whether to keep or dispose your furniture and belongings for a later time, allowing you to focus on the more important matters at hand.

If you are going through storage companies to look for quality furniture storage facilities, Partner Movers can also help you.

Do you have delicate artwork and antique furniture that you wish to preserve? Partner Movers can provide you with professional solutions in Dubai to make sure that your precious belongings are kept and maintained properly to ensure longevity.

We also have specialised climate controlled facilities that can maintain a pre-programmed indoor environment consistently. Our facilities are well-equipped with climate control technology to ensure that your belongings are kept safe and secure against weathering and natural deterioration. Additionally, our facilities are fitted with the latest security systems to protect the safety and integrity of your valued possessions.

Preserve the lifespan of your investment with a proper furniture storage space

Belongings you cannot afford to bring with you on your trip will deteriorate more quickly over time if not stored properly. Partner Movers can provide you with spaces for rent to help extend the life of your furniture.

You can also make use of storage facilities in Dubai as a temporary holding place of your possessions as you are working on your move. While it is possible to have all your belongings shipped in a single trip for your relocation, unpacking and arranging your furniture around the house will prove difficult if you have stuff scattered around the house, blocking pathways and making rooms more cramped.

Placing some of your possessions under the care of storage companies gives you more room to arrange your furniture and furnishings comfortably.
We have different sized spaces in Dubai to accommodate every need and budget.

Large Space
If you are looking for a large storage space, we have areas measuring 100 sq. ft. to accommodate large furniture such as a queen-sized bed, a complete sofa set, or other valuables stored in boxes.

Medium Space
If you are on the hunt for storage in Dubai along the middle range, our furniture storage facilities also have mid-sized spaces measuring approximately 50 sq. ft. These spaces can comfortably fit a large bed or a sofa, along with a couple of other cartons filled with belongings.

Small Space
Finally, if you want storage in Dubai to just keep your loose valuables and other stuff that hold sentimental value, we have 25 sq. ft. options for you. With this space, you can keep belongings that you don’t often use, like a bicycle you ride to work during the cooler days of Dubai, or your precious photography and travel equipment.

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If you want to personally see our storage in Dubai, you can freely visit our facilities during our operational hours. You want to know more about our products and services? Feel free to give us a call. We have dedicated customer support personnel ready to accommodate you today. You can also sit down with our consultants to discuss your particular needs.